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Monthly Archives: May 2012

3 Options to Meet USP 797 Requirements for Combination Ophthalmic Dilating Drops

Dilating patients’ eyes before ophthalmic procedures is quite possibly the most time-consuming part of the eye exam/surgery. Many facilities choose to combine various medications to ensure a more efficient pre-operative process. While this practice creates efficiencies for nursing staff and perhaps is less burdensome for patients, the risk of contamination during mixing of these medications is a major concern. Current USP <797> standards require that products combined outside of a laminar airflow workbench (hood) be used within Continue Reading

Single Dose equals Single Use – The CDC’s Stance

Can single-dose vials be used more than once? If you have been asked this question by a colleague recently we hope your answer was a resounding “NO!”. It is clear, from evidence gathered over the past five years, that using an injectable medication labeled as single-dose or single-use in multiple patients can cause patient infections and even death. The CDC recently put out a position paper on the use of single-dose/single-use injectable vials to help Continue Reading

3 Golden Rules of Customer Service

Warning:  Customer Service Rant to follow!  Customer service is under valued and under delivered. When was the last time you were wowed by a company going above and beyond to earn or keep your business? Did you compliment them? How about bad service?  Did you let them know? Even though JCB Laboratories is a highly specialized company, we realize our customers always have choices.  Recently, I took a call from the Director of Nursing (DON) Continue Reading

Choosing the Correct Type of Sterile Compounding Pharmacy

As a high risk sterile compounder, I routinely run into confusion over the different types of sterile compounding.  Not all compounders are the same and understanding the differences is an important first step in picking a compounder that can meet your needs.  Do you need a smaller-sized, unit-of use, prefilled syringe of a medicine that is only available in a large volume vial from a manufacturer?  Or, do you need a specialized product that is Continue Reading

Clearing Up Epidural Steroid Injections – Part II of II

I received a call recently from a surgery center looking for an intrathecal injection containing morphine, clonidine, and baclofen.  Appropriately, the caller was adamant that this product contain no preservatives since it is to be delivered via the intrathecal route.  However, when I asked if the center was using epidural steroid injections the caller commented that they were using Kenalog® for their epidural steroid injections (ESIs).  When I explained to the caller that Kenalog contains Continue Reading

Timely Solutions to Drug Shortage Problems

I was speaking to a nurse last week about how her drug shortage problems do not seem to be letting up.  As she thanked me for being able to supply her facility with some critical medications (ketorolac, metoclopramide, and two different strengths of lidocaine), I was thinking about the process that we go through to research new compounds and determine if a particular drug is a good candidate to be compounded at JCB Laboratories.  There Continue Reading

Clearing Up Epidural Steroid Injections – Part I of II

I recently received a call from a surgery center asking why some epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are a clear solution and why some are a milky suspension.  Additionally, the caller wanted to know if the clear solutions have a different effect than milky suspensions.  All drugs or chemicals have various degrees of solubility based on their chemical structure.  Some chemicals dissolve very easily in water and some are completely insoluble.  For example, betamethasone sodium phosphate Continue Reading

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand… Lives?

When we started thinking about how to improve the quality assurance and quality control of our compounded sterile products, we thought that a picture could be worth more than a thousand words, it could be worth a thousand lives.  At JCB, we have many ways to ensure that the products we compound are safe and efficacious for the patients receiving them.  Some of the tools include electronic weighing and automatic electronic documentation of those weights, Continue Reading

Calculating the Final Concentration for Combination Ophthalmic Drops

Here is the scenario: for compliance, risk management, and efficiency reasons, you have made the decision to outsource the compounding of combination dilating drops for use in your pre-op cataract surgery patients.  They are a huge hit for a host of reasons: Nurses love them for their ease of use.  Ophthalmologists love them because the reduced pre-op time allows them to schedule cases more efficiently. The risk management team loves them because outsourcing the compounding Continue Reading

JCB Opens New Compounding Facility – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I told you about JCB Laboratories’ new, larger space.  That is only part of our exciting story.  Extra space is important but that space needs to be managed, monitored and cared for with the utmost precision.  We accomplish this critical process by: Electronically restricting and monitoring clean room access: Only highly trained and essential personnel have access during normal operating hours. The entire premises are monitored 24 hours a Continue Reading