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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Drug Shortages Threaten to Delay the Opening of a New Surgery Center

Opening a new surgery facility can be a trying experience.  Construction delays, permit filings and the myriad of details that must be addressed to get the facility built are headaches.  During all this, you spend your time making design decisions, equipment decisions and writing Standard Operating Procedures for your beautiful new building.  When you finally  received your certificate of occupancy, move in, and have your staff hired and trained, the hard part is over, right? Continue Reading

Blood Pressure worries

Ask Larry: Question: I have been using your progesterone cream and other supplements for quite a few years. I really appreciate how helpful everyone is when I come in to the store. I find that I have a little more anxiety over the past year and I am always looking to keep myself balanced. I just started using fish oil to help with the increase in my cholesterol levels. So far, at age 55 I Continue Reading

Let’s revisit Shake and Fold

Note: Shake and Fold was going around the internet a month or so ago, and I’d like to revisit it now to keep it on your mind. We’re not alone in this world. In fact, I think it is unlikely that a person could even survive being totally alone. We depend on others for almost everything. Look around right now and list everything you see that you made by yourself, that you are solely responsible Continue Reading

CMS May Cite Facilities for Non-Compliance to SDV Standards

CMS recently issued a memorandum entitled Safe Use of Single Dose /Single Use Medications to Prevent Healthcare-associated Infections. In this June 15, 2012 letter, CMS reiterates its policy that providers and suppliers will be cited for an infection control deficiency if they reuse single-dose or single use vials (SDV) for  multiple patients.  Practitioners have asked CMS to review their policy as it may aggravate existing drug shortages by requiring wastage of SDV medication that exceeds the Continue Reading

I agree with Walgreens

My daughter Lydia recently attended a concert at Ravinia. The printed program contained an ad from Walgreens that read: “Sometimes, the best medicine isn’t medicine at all. We’re about helping people feel better. But we’ll be the first to admit that occasionally, the best remedy for body, mind and soul is a blanket under the stars.”   Ravinia is an outdoor venue north of Chicago where most of the patrons enjoy concerts from their blankets Continue Reading

Colitis and nutritional doctor

Ask Larry: Question: I NEED a nutrition doctor for my daughter. She is now in UK and she is at the hospital since 1 week for Colitis ulcer. She will come back to Chicago in 2 weeks where we live and she needs to find a very good doctor in nutrition and herbal remedies. Would you please tell me where we can go in Chicago. Thank you so much. Larry’s Response: I’m not able to Continue Reading

Avoid Bad Mistakes with Good Labeling

Product labeling can be critical when choosing the right pharmaceutical products.  In particular, compounded sterile products should be easily identifiable and there should be no question about the contents of the container.  When choosing a compounding pharmacy, product labeling is one criteria that is often overlooked.  Is the drug’s name and strength, administration route, storage conditions, multiple dose vs. single use, beyond use date (BUD), also known as the expiration date, and  lot number readily available and Continue Reading

Tachycardia, arrhythmia and caffeine

I had cataract removal in 1977 and 1979 – at the age of 31 and 33. The doctors were stunned and made a test subject of me in a text book they were preparing. Some years later I developed tachycardia and a variety of arrhythmias. Once, when I had been consuming inordinate amounts of caffeine I ended up in the hospital emergency department because of the rhythm problems. I was monitored for two days (no Continue Reading