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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Stop using GMO

They are NOT real food. I’m adding a special recommendation to my list for healthy living. I’ve long told anyone who would listen that they can maintain – even regain – health by following some basic rules: Eat good food; eliminate processed carbohydrates and all sugars. Avoid all dairy that is from cows treated with growth hormone. Drink clean water – filtered to remove toxins, especially fluoride. Avoid drugs, legal or otherwise, especially statins, PPIs, Continue Reading

Androgel isn’t helping!

Ask Larry: Question: I have been on transdermal androgel for a while but don”t feel it is helping. My doctor is not a fan of compounding (he’s not very helpful actually) but I’m intrigued. What is the best way to proceed if this is something of interest? Larry’s Response: From your comment, it seems your doctor is fairly closed minded. Instead of investigating a preparation that is superior in may ways to Androgel, he/she is Continue Reading


Ask Larry: Question: Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome constipation? So many people I know suffer from this. We have taken on board advice from doctors, consultants, etc. in this field to no avail. When their suggestions don’t work they just say “you have a lazy or a sluggish bowel”. Can you throw any light on this dreaded problem? Larry’s Response: I must first ask you to look at the prescription drugs Continue Reading

Dermatology Compounding

Treating skin ailments can be difficult. Warts can return multiple times, psoriasis can take a lifetime to control, and rosaceae often flares with no rhyme or reason. Often the key to effective treatment is formulating the proper application and delivery for the medicine. Indeed, many dermatological prescriptions are most effective when formulated by a compound pharmacy. This could be as simple as adding the active drug to a topical cream or lotion, or involve a Continue Reading

Bacon, bacon, bacon…

“Experts” from every corner of the health arena seem to get their shorts in a bunch about many of the food items available to us. Many times they’re correct when they label something harmful. Sugars and artificial sweeteners are predominantly unnecessary and potentially harmful. Some meats and dairy products contain hormones that certainly aren’t healthy for humans.   The list of “bad” foods is in a constant state of flux, but one food often appears Continue Reading

Estrogen Therapy Treatment- Newport Beach Pharmacy

Forms of Estrogen Therapy Several forms of prescription estrogen therapies are available. Pills – taken daily by mouth Patches – applied once or twice weekly to the abdomen below the waistline Topical – applied directly to the skin on a daily basis Vaginal ring – inserted every 3 months There’s no one-size-fits-all estrogen therapy. Talk with your doctor about your symptom management goals, and the risks and benefits of each estrogen therapy option. Together you Continue Reading

Corn sugar is a much better term

Let’s assume that all of the arguments against high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are false. Then let’s assume that HFCS is nutritionally no different than any other available sugar. I agree that “CORN SUGAR” would be a better name than HFCS. In this world of corn sugar, there would be no difference at all between sugar that come from sugar cane, beets, corn, or any other source. However, resolving the name debate does nothing about Continue Reading

Healing vs. Making it Better

A couple of weeks ago, a middle-aged man came into our pharmacy. He was the epitome of the phrase, “sick as a dog.” He was pale. His skin was moist. He walked gingerly, as if walking hurt. He was coughing. He was a mess. “What do you have for a cold?” he asked me. “Hot tea and a couple of days in bed,” I said. He shook his head. “No. I have to go to Continue Reading