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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Don’t Blame the Grapefruit

You’ve probably heard the news. It’s been on television and it’s making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter. The title of the ABC News story is, “Grapefruit, Medicine Interaction Warning”. Before going further, allow me to state that this is not really news. Sure, the number of drugs involved is larger, but we have known for decades that grapefruit juice interacts with drug actions. The interactions vary – sometimes enhancing the drug’s action and sometimes Continue Reading

Gum disease and soap

Periodontal disease (aka, Gum Disease, Gingivitis, Periodontitis) – is a condition that has been traditionally attributed to plaque buildup. There is redness, swelling, bleeding, and sometimes loss of the ability to maintain bone structure. While there is truth in the standard descriptions, I suggest there is something basic underlying most conditions of this type – a cause if you will. Poor oral hygiene can certainly be attributed to increased infection rates, followed by swelling and Continue Reading

Progesterone cream makes me itchy.

The following was a question submitted via comment on a previous blog post. To read that post, click here. Ask Larry: Question: I am going through perimenopause and started compounded armour thyroid (15 mg); topical creme form of estradiol/testosterone and progesterone about 3 years ago and had problems with itching and rashes from the get go. The physicians assistant and then my doctor said it was just my hormones and adjusted the dosage a couple Continue Reading

Kombucha. Gesundheit!

Ask Larry: Do you ever drink kombucha? If so do you know if it is safe to drink everyday? I love the stuff, but I’m reading mixed reviews, I would be interested in hearing your take on this “wonder elixir”!  Larry’s Response: Kombucha is a sweet tea preparation that has been fermented. Some people refer to it as water kefir or tibicos. While these aren’t exactly the same, they are similar in that yeasts are Continue Reading

Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy

Pet owners often struggle to medicate their animals. Many drugs are not commercially available for animals, and those that are available are often made for certain animals but not in the strength or form required for another. Cats have very finicky taste and often require unique formulation to disguise the taste of drugs. Birds and small animals will not take tablets. Large animals may require several tablets making it difficult to get them to take Continue Reading

3 Drug Diversion Schemes and How to Stop Them

Prescription drug diversion and theft is nothing new in healthcare.  It is so common that many facilities have implemented procedures to prevent drug theft and diversion.  Unfortunately, as soon as a new procedure is put in place the ever resourceful thieves come up with other schemes designed to fool the system.  On a recent trip to visit surgery centers in the northeast, I had several interesting conversations with nursing staff and even an accreditation inspector Continue Reading

Have I heard about Protandim? Yes

One of our customers asked me my professional opinion on a dietary product called Protandim. Protandim is a patented dietary supplement marketed by LifeVantage Corporation, a Utah-based multilevel marketing company. I’ve been in the health “business” for about four decades and I have lerned that nothing good ever comes from a multi-level marketing company. A few people in at the beginning make huge amounts of money and encourage other suckers to join their downline. Everyone Continue Reading