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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Podcast 2 of 2: Drug Shortages and Gray Market

JCB was asked to take part in a podcast recording regarding drug shortages and the gray market.  You can listen to the podcast here. In summary, the podcast covers the following topics: Drug shortages and why they are more common now than ever before Drugs that are the most problematic to obtain Why chemotherapy drugs are hard to find and the resulting consequences of not having them available What is the gray market and how Continue Reading

The FLU is coming! Big Damn Deal.

The flu has always been here and it will never go away. It is known by various names, yet it remains a common viral infection – sometimes of the sinuses, the stomach, the joints, and even combinations. I am not trying to downplay the discomfort or the possibility for disastrous outcomes, but I would like to place the INFLUENZA discussions into some more rational context. The infecting viruses are transferred from person to person, usually Continue Reading

Pain, Pain, Go Away

If you have spent even a little time looking at our website you know that I have some serious concerns about the massive overuse of drugs in our society – the legal ones in particular. Our company motto has long been, “Too Many People Take Too Many Drugs”. But, you should also know that I strongly favor using drugs – for limited periods – when they are necessary and help in the healing process. One Continue Reading

Adaptogens: Out with one and in with three

Ask Larry: Question: I noticed that on your web site you recommend a product called Relora Plex. It seems that you no longer carry this product. Is there a reason for this? Do you still recommend this product? Larry’s Response: Relora Plex is a combination product that is often used in time of stress, mainly directed at moderating the release of cortisol. It contains small amounts of important B vitamins and a blend of two Continue Reading

Tooth FOAM is here to stay

I have devoted many articles and blog posts to the benefits of using plain soap to clean teeth. It is far safer and more effective than any commercial toothpaste. Soap contains no added glycerin, no fluoride, no artificial sweeteners, no zinc, and no sodium lauryl sulfate. Just soap. Soap is an excellent cleaner. The first test we did on our own teeth was over ten years ago. We found that our teeth were clean and Continue Reading

Bringing dignity and personalization to end-of-life care.

Newport Center Hospice Compounding In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the subject of caring for individuals at the ends of their lives. The final stages of terminal illness are a very difficult time for both the patient and their loved ones, but hospice care aims to ease the stress and discomfort as much as possible. At the heart of hospice care is the belief that each person has the right to Continue Reading

Puke, guns, drugs, death

My son sent an article around to our family about norovirus. It’s a pretty fascinating article for the Frieders family, because we’re all a bit off, but it brings up questions unrelated to vomit. Read the article here: http://phenomena.nationalgeographic.com/2013/01/02/the-norovirus-a-study-in-puked-perfection/ From the article: “It’s estimated that in the United States alone, noroviruses infect at least 23 million people a year. Seventy thousand of them end up hospitalized, and near… Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn