LDN: When? Dose? Alcohol?

Ask Larry:
Your Question: I was wondering, there’s been a lot of debate on when to take LDN. I was taking it in the morning, then I read it should be taken at night between 9-11pm or something to that effect. So now I’m taking it at night, I’m on 1.5 for Hashimotos, for 2 weeks, and I would like to up my dose. What’s the best time to take it? And can I have alcoholic beverages while taking this?
Larry’s Response: “Historically” the time to take LDN is at bedtime. The idea/theory being that the body produces endorphins during sleep, usually 4 to 5 hours after falling asleep – maybe 2am to 3am. Like most theories, this hasn’t been scientifically tested. H…

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