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I attended a dinner Sunday evening at a very nice banquet facility in Aurora. There were several hundred people in attendance. Dan, an attendee, was explaining how he’s been adjusting his diet, getting his weight under control, to relieve some of the pressure on his back, which he injured several years ago. Dan stands well over 6 feet and is pleased to report he now weighs in at 205 pounds. Weighing less helps a lot.

Of course, those listening to Dan asked how he was getting his weight down. He made two fists, placed one on top of the other, and explained that was the size our stomach should be. Overeating has caused most of us to stretch our stomachs so they can hold more. Clearly, more capacity causes us to take advantage and eat until we’re full – with too much food in a space we’ve made too big for our own good.

I checked Dan’s eating lesson with my chef, Bernie Laskowski (Cinderella Paleo Catering). He agreed with Dan’s descriptions and explained how restaurants – especially in the Midwest – cater to our distended stomachs by offering us plates loaded with, truly, too much food for one meal. Failure to offer giant plates of food, however, can disappoint patrons. They demand more, which the restaurants supply to keep our stretched stomachs pleasantly filled – and returning again.

Bernie brings this wisdom to the meals he prepares and I remember questioning the portions when we first started ordering our meals from his kitchen. He suggested eating more slowly, chewing more, and savoring the blend of flavors. Plain water is the recommended beverage. The chef guaranteed his portions are adequate – and even a little bigger than necessary. I ate as instructed and didn’t add other food to the prepared meal.

Right after the first meal I felt there should be more – maybe a piece of fruit, or dessert. I resisted and soon felt SATIATED – just like Bernie told me. Over the past six weeks I have come to know Bernie serves an excellent meal in the perfect portion.

Cinderella Paleo Catering prepares meals and delivers them to a variety of local drop off points – The Compounder Pharmacy is one of them. I order a week of meals online and they’re delivered refrigerated on Monday and Thursday. Just under two minutes in the microwave brings them to the proper temperature without over cooking. Even the vegetables retain their crunch.

The basis for Bernie’s meals is the popular “paleo” diet, but is so much more. His creations are referred to as “clean food” – organic when possible, nothing processed, healthy meat (which occasionally includes beef – but not often). There are sweet potatoes, served as a mash or fries, squash, spinach, and the whole gamut of healthy vegetables. Quinoa is often present in mixtures that are truly surprising, delicious, and as healthy as possible.

Each meal costs under $13.00 and that’s a bargain because I’m no longer buying more than I need – and tossing the excess when it spoils. Even large families could include a few meals every week, as some of their offerings come in two, three or even five pound portions. In addition to the benefits of the prepared food and the savings at the grocery store, users find portions are satisfying and can learn to adjust their own meals to copy Bernie’s example.

Cinderella Paleo Catering is online at or call them at 312-446-7742.

And if you’re interested in eating what I eat, consider ordering some meals from Bernie and stopping in at The Compounder on Mondays and Thursdays to pick up your grub. It’s amazing.

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