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Healthcare in Oman is really topnotch. There are a healthy number of excellent doctors in Oman, offering a good doctor-patient ratio. Doctors are generally under the Ministry of Health’s supervision, while those with direct affiliation to military establishments are supervised by the Ministry of Interior. Most of these doctors usually come from various countries like Pakistan, India, Egypt, Europe and the USA.  Both regulating Ministries mentioned above are tasked to evaluate the qualifications of their doctors before they can practice in Oman. Furthermore, these medical practitioners are also kept in record by the respective embassies of their country of origin.


Both the private and public sectors are rich with highly qualified obstetricians and antenatal doctors all over the region. You don’t have to worry if you can’t afford the private doctors in Oman, because the public healthcare services are just as good. Although they aren’t as many as they would be in the USA or Europe, there are also alternative medical practitioners in Oman. Just make sure that you verify if they have been registered with the state before consulting them for any kind of medical service. This will ensure that these alternative doctors are up the Ministries’ medical service standards.


The good thing about going for private health care is that you can change your doctor whenever you need. You also won’t have problems making appointments with private doctors in Oman. In fact, you won’t have as much trouble with walk-in service when you need them the most. You normally have to set appointments around 24 to 72 hours before the desired schedule. While public doctors are just as good in terms of service, it’s better if you go in person when setting appointments. There are many people lining up for a public doctor’s appointments, and your reservation might be lost if you rely on phone calls alone.


For surgical procedures, you generally have the choice of having them done either between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, or between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Cases of emergency, however, are always addressed immediately.


In terms of costs, you regular checkup would be approximately $ 60 USD or £40. Any additional tests conducted by doctors in Oman will be charged accordingly. Their clinics are always equipped with electro-cardiogram tools and can readily perform blood and urine tests. House calls charge extra, but are always an available option. It’s also easy to get your insurance company to reimburse costs in case you need to see a referred specialist for treatment.


Doctors in Oman aren’t the only medical professionals that are highly qualified. Dentists practicing in Oman are just as regulated and fully equipped. They have their own clinics and are accompanied with their own technicians who produce prosthetics, bridges, and crowns, which make treatment more efficient.


Most medical professionals in Oman are easily consulted because they advertise their services through magazines, tourist guides, and telephone directories. They are readily available and it’s easy to find them through referrals and recommendations from family, friends and colleagues.


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