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Breast Cancer, also known as Malignant Breast Neoplasm, is caused from the inner lining of the breast tissues called milk ducts or lobules. Breast cancer which primarily originates from the milk ducts is known as ductal carcinomas. However, it can also instigate from the lobules, in those cases they are called lobular carcinomas. Mostly women aged above 45 years are victims of this dreadful disease. Although 100 times less, but men are also found to be victim of breast cancer.

With the rate at which the disease is increasing its prominence, it has become very important to spread awareness against this ailment. Breast cancer awareness programme have been initiated in different places with a motive to protect and create awareness about the disease amongst women. October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world.

Proper and immediate treatment, right after the disease is diagnosed is very important. There are several breast cancer treatment centers all over the world which are equipped to fight the ailment. The treatment for breast cancer is usually surgery along with radiation or chemotherapy. In some cases where breast cancer is due to hormones like estrogen or/and progesterone, the treatment is done by blocking off the effects of these hormones in the target tissue.

There are several symptoms that can be very useful for recognizing breast cancer but the most important breast cancer symptom is the feeling of a lump in the breast which is unusual from the rest of the part. This lump develops through several years and the time it is noticeable it has already grown to an alarming level. Other than lump there are other symptoms as well such as, change in the size of the breast, unusual change in the shape of the breast, nipple inversion, skin dimpling, or it may be single- nipple discharge. Lumps may also be found in the armpits which can be breast cancer.

There is different stage of breast cancer, from stage 0- 4. Stage 0 is known to be the pre-malignant disease or marker, whereas Stages 1-3 are described as ‘early’ cancer and possibly curable and stage- 4 is explained as ‘metastatic’ or ‘advanced’ cancer and is incurable.

Proper awareness and breast cancer information is very essential to avoid the disease. To avoid breast cancer each of us should be alert and should know what the sign of breast cancer is to evade it. Each woman should actively enquire about the disease and should take part in different awareness programmes to eradicate it from the core. They should search the most important breast cancer site which has most relevant information and addresses of nearest treatment centre. Don’t be shy- protect yourself against this adversary.


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