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Menopause leaves some women unaffected, but the majority of females who experience it suffer from severe symptoms which they long to get rid of. Eventually, women tend to become interested in considering the advantages and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

This course of treatment has been chosen by many women to control menopause symptoms. Still, some points need to be clear when weighing HRT advantages and disadvantages. While HRT can be a good thing for a large number of women, it can just as easily be a nuisance for others. HRT can increase your risk of getting breast cancer, but at the same time, it is very important to help maintain your bone density and help prevent certain types of heart disease. In adding it all up, it may deliver too many side affects which can have a negative effect on a woman’s life.

Menopausal symptoms are the product of the cessation of estrogen production. Therefore, a lot of women opt to replace the lost estrogen through HRT in order to decrease these symptoms. Yet the effects of hormone replacement are uncertain in the long run, and many women are unsure of whether this is a good option for them.

There are two sides to the debate on hormone replacement therapy. It has been proven that HRT is a credible solution in helping to minimize symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, and vaginal dryness. Yet there are those who believe that women who do not exhibit any symptoms of menopause experience decreased physical performance and reduced energy levels when using HRT.

Due to concern over risks of developing cancer, many women choose not to use HRT. Often, they opt to take other steps to lessen their risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. In the meantime, studies are ongoing to verify the usefulness of hormone replacement therapy over a long period of time.

Once taking into consideration HRT advantages and disadvantages, many women and their doctors agree that HRT’s helpful effects on cardiovascular illness, osteoporosis, and overall quality of life offset the danger of developing cancer. But others are worried about the negative effects that long-term use of HRT might have. These women deliberately work to improve their coronary health and strengthen their bones by keeping physically active, selecting foods wisely, not smoking, and using nutritional supplements or remedies.

Once you have studied the advantages and disadvantages of HRT, finally it is only you who can decide whether to go for HRT or not. Hormone replacement therapy has been linked to reports of health dangers in the last several years. If you have been given a prescription by your doctor, you might decide instead to use an alternative form of treatment, such as utilizing a natural type of estrogen. A natural approach that includes a healthy diet, stress management, and natural progesterone supplementation will alleviate hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopause symptoms, and may even get rid of them entirely.

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