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tags Elderly residents in Oklahoma City will likely need more medical care each year than they have in past years. As people age, the physiological makeup of their bodies changes. For example, the layer of padding under the skin, which is called subcutaneous fat, disintegrates slowly. In addition to this, the skin itself also becomes thinner. When this happens, the person becomes cold easily and their skin tends to be more dry and prone to skin tears. Vital organs sometimes begin to shrink or function improperly. Arteries may accumulate buildup of plaque; when coupled with lack of exercise, this can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Finding a doctor who specializes in geriatrics in Oklahoma City is important for every aging individual. Family physicians work with general health concerns, but geriatrics specialists are well-educated in the many aspects of how aging affects the body. They are also knowledgeable about diseases that are common in later years of life. Conditions such as atrial fibrillation of the heart, Diverticulosis, high blood pressure, Diabetes and heart disorders or disease are all commonly seen in this age group. Most family physicians have some knowledge about these examples, but to properly treat and monitor them, it is best to find a doctor in Oklahoma City who understands all the complexities of each issue.

Medical professionals who work specifically with the geriatric population also usually make in-house calls or frequent stops to care homes. Some visit both assisted living and skilled nursing facilities to visit their patients regularly. When searching for a care provider, this is one important thing to consider. Mobility becomes problematic for many people in their later years, so it is helpful to have a medical professional who is able and willing to make out-of-office calls. It is also important to find one who is reliable and easy to reach. Several conditions and diseases that are common with the elderly demand prompt attention and response. One unfortunate thing experienced by thousands today is long wait times for appointments. The problem goes beyond waiting several hours in a waiting room; patients of all ages must often wait weeks or even more than a month to get a non-emergency appointment with their family doctor.

Waiting times are greatly reduced by choosing a specialist in geriatric medicine. Most of the congestion in waiting rooms is due to overly-concerned parents bringing their sick children – and themselves – to the doctor. Choosing a doctor who is age-specific in their field will greatly reduce this hassle, though. It is best to find one who is reliable and trustworthy, then plan to keep that physician permanently.

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