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Dragonfly Emergence (5 of)
Wow what a couple of hours I had. I didn’t expect to see much today. It’s too windy, but I had to get out for a while. This weather is depressing, and the Wind is terrible for spotting insects. Will it ever get better? :/

I have just invested in Raynox 250 Macro lens attachment, and was dying to try it out. I turned up at one of my favourite haunts for Dragons, and I immediately spotted this Dragon emerging on the fence. (most likely a Four Spotted Chaser) The whole transformation took over two hours, and it was touch and go for this little one, because it was very windy, and spitting with Rain!

I first set up the Raynox on my Tamron 70-300mm VC DI and it was impossible with the gusty winds. So I switched to my 50mm prime. This gave me a wider area of focus, but this poor thing was really blowing about in the wind and spitting rain. So my hubby stood behind it, I was in front, protecting it as much as we could from the Wind. We stood there sheltering it for over an hour, until it had finally left it’s exuviae.

Once it climbed on top of the fence, I didn’t expect this Dragon to be ok, because it’s delicate, developing wings were flapping about all over the place. It was trying as hard as it could to move somewhere more sheltered. We decided not to interfere this time, as it was going through such a delicate transformation, we didn’t want to risk damaging the wings.

The good news is, the Dragon was fine. I missed the last few moments, as we decided to leave it in peace while we grabbed our lunch. On return, I just caught the Dragon flying off. 🙂

All in all I am happy with the Raynox. As opposed to the tubes, the Raynox clips to the front of the lenses, so no loss of light! So it will be very useful. The shots below were all hand held. Only the top one was using a tripod, and focus rail. I was also using a cheap Macro ring light, no flash. Very handy! Roll on better weather when I can try combinations of tubes and the Raynox!

By Lisa Lawley on 2012-05-15 11:54:35

When a pharmacist performs pharmaceutical compounding, proper procedure must be followed to ensure that conditions are up to sanitary code at all times. This is of the utmost importance in order to protect facilities, and above all, patients, from unnecessary contamination.

Bio-Med QC was founded by Doug Haughs, a microbiologist with 40 years experience in contamination control; one who knows what it takes to maintain Asepsis Quality Assurance [AQA] at all times. Bio-Shield AQA products are essential for every aspect of pharmaceutical compounding, to maintain quality assurance by providing high quality components that will ensure compliance with aseptic technique, air sampling and surface & sanitation assessments. These are essential in facilities where pharmaceutical compounding takes place, in order to keep conditions as sterile and sanitary as possible.

Pharmaceutical compounding was common practice before mass-production of medications. Today, pharmaceutical compounding exists to serve the unique needs of patients, who may need to take certain medications in forms other than how they are commonly sold. Pharmaceutical compounding is now harder to find in communities, but is still subject to stringent regulations whether serving consumers in a pharmacy, in hospitals, and at the manufacturing level. Bio-Med QC manufactures the supplies for pharmaceutical compounding to attain and exceed compliance, and maintain it at all times.

The Bio-Shield AQA program for pharmaceutical compounding, not only helps pharmacies who practice pharmaceutical compounding meet regulatory requirements, it gives them the ability to safeguard patients at all times. Bio-Med QC works closely with pharmacies to set up the Bio-Shield AQA program, providing comprehensive evaluation and training to ensure that pharmaceutical compounding is performed under the most sanitary conditions. Not only do you receive expert help, you get all the products you need to perform testing directly from Bio-Med QC. That way, you are receiving guidance on the correct pharmaceutical compounding protocols, and ordering your supplies from one single entity. No need to have your inspection performed by an independent microbiologist, and obtain your supplies from another company; at Bio-Med QC, all your pharmaceutical compounding needs are met with a single relationship with an experienced partner that not only saves you money, but keeps you in compliance with the strictest pharmaceutical compounding regulations.

Bio-Shield AQA testing products include personal aseptic technique evaluation kits including comprehensive instruction and procedure protocol that make the testing procedure straightforward and effective. The air sampling kit includes all the components necessary for accurate air sampling, and the surface sampling kit includes the necessary amount of media plates to ensure an accurate testing of all surfaces, keeping the pharmaceutical compounding area free of toxins and contaminants that can compromise the integrity of the medicines that are being handled. This three-phase approach will not only help maintain compliance, but will exceed standards as long as all three testing protocols are performed correctly; With Bio-Med QC standing behind you, you’ll never have to worry about quality control again.

For more information about Bio-Shield AQA products for pharmaceutical compounding, visit Bio-Med QC’s web site at Biomedqc.

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

As one of the most experienced compounding pharmacies in Newport Beach, We provide a valuable service working together with physicians and patients to create medications tailored to specific requirements. We are specialists in the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Our Team of experts can meet all of your unique pharmaceutical needs.

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