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By Sole Treadmill on 2017-06-22 09:43:27
tags Not many doctors will think of going to the prison and practicing as a part time job. Doctors can make a lot of money as well as learn a lot working here. This doctor is an emergency physician for the rest of the week but once a week he becomes the doctor for the inmates at a prison.

He was ready to quit after the first month at work. An inmate was upset with him just because he was treated well. The fact that he is double board certified made him think if this was worth it. The doctor was offered some advice from another inmate who had seen everything. The situation was such that the patient had actually a bet with another inmate for two packs of cigarettes that he would d everything to convince the doctor that he had a doctor who would advice him to sleep on the bottom bunker which is a status symbol in prison.

He did all he can to change his outlook. He remembered his 8 year old son who is also respected by him but still does not get all he wants. The patients at the prison are treated the same. Nothing more than their medical needs will be taken care of by him.

A seizure was why he was called in once. Both the internist and emergency physician thought he was faking it. He gave it away by choosing a very relaxing place to fall. The other tip off happened when they noticed his eyelids and how they seemed to be fluttering.The saccadic movements too were suspicious. The prisoner had wanted a single cell in the maximum security prison and hence had tried the drama but the doctor got a confirmation from a neurologist which confirmed his suspicions.

Peoria, IL has a doctor who helps HIV infected prisoners who also have various kinds of malignancies. After the first three weeks he was giving 20 hours of primary care at the prison every week. He said that in oncology you look at a lot of X rays and blood smears, and the work can be rather narrow. He treats asthma, diabetes, and hypertension, the most and has been doing well at treatment with HIV as well.

According to the medical director of a 2,000 inmate super jail in Salt Lake City it is best to study inmate pathology. They had recently seen a case of neurocysticercosis and even leprosy. Many people also suffer from advanced stage cancer. Prison is the only place where medical care is given out. Working or the prison is sometimes considered to be the best by some doctors.

An emergency physician is developing telemedicine capabilities that will eventually connect 80 correctional facilities in Texas, thereby reducing the expense and security risks of transporting prisoners to outside specialists. Access to the best electronic medical records is available at the Salt Lake City super jail as informed by the medical director. The truth is that there are many physicians who do not get jobs anywhere and hence look for jobs in a prison.This was confirmed by the president of the Society of Correctional Physicians and former medical director of the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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