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By Sole Treadmill on 2017-06-22 09:43:24
tags Throughout the United States there are a number of hospitals that have nuclear medicine equipment in them. Used to help create scans of the internal organs of the body the nuclear camera devices are full sized technologically advanced machines that harness gamma radiation to create a scanned image of the human anatomy. These highly sophisticated pieces of technology are used to diagnose and treat people that have internal bleeding, certain cancers, and other highly degenerative disorders that can destroy tissue and organs. Through a full body scan that can be completed in about two minutes, doctors are able to view with great accuracy the inside of the body and calculate the amount of damage that has been done to a person with a serious, life threatening illness.

Using a low level pulse of nuclear radiation the gamma camera, working like an x-ray sends a wave of gamma radiation through the body, that can be converted into pictures as it bounces back the wave to a computer where it can be read by a radiology technician. With the advancements in nuclear medicine, equipment can be used to peer into the body and brain without the need for an invasive surgical biopsy that might aggravate a person’s condition. The technology has been developed to the point that from a quick bio scan of the patient a doctor can receive a clear scan that can be modeled and rendered to show in detail the extent or spread of a cancer cluster. From the images that are captured by the gamma camera a doctor can review the best options for treating their patients. Armed with the information that is revealed through the scans certain surgical procedures or medicines can be prescribed to help heal the individual.

Because of the high costs associated with the purchase of the nuclear medicine equipment, there are only one or two hospitals within a city that have a special room set up for housing nuclear imaging equipment. However, because of the need for doctors and specialists to diagnose and give an accurate prognosis of a patient’s illness access, doctors throughout the city can gain access to the sensitive gamma camera equipment by writing an order and scheduling a scanning session with the hospital’s radiology department. For the most part it is the specialists and surgeons who require the full examinations that require a nuclear camera, but there are times when a general practitioner can express their concern about a patient and ask for a nuclear medicine equipment scan to confirm their suspicions.

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