Resveratrol and Menopause

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Resveratrol is also effective in maintaining hormonal balance after menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy is most commonly used in post-menopausal women to aid in the halted production of estrogen. However, HRT also makes for an increased risk in breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks and blood clots. Ongoing research demonstrates that resveratrol binds to human estrogen receptors. This increases hormonal activity in the body almost as effectively as HRT without the risks and side effects. It has been suggested that resveratrol supplementation may be a possible alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Further researches might be able to uncover more benefits for women’s health.

In conclusion, women can benefit greatly from the intake of resveratrol. Aside from the medical implications, there are also cosmetic benefits in the form of resveratrol’s anti-aging and weight loss properties. A faster metabolic rate in women also increases the efficacy of the immune system. Hormonal imbalance may be remedied by the steady intake of resveratrol as well. Though it is always best to take resveratrol while on a steady and regular diet and exercise. That being said, bear in mind that resveratrol is a supplement not a prescription medicine.

Resveratrol was found to help women in combating post-menopausal bone loss. Moreover, Resveratrol also prevents the growth of angiogenesis, the tumor-causing blood vessels. Because of this, it also helps in preventing breast cancer in at any age.

One thing to note though, that even if there are a lot of good things that Resveratrol brings to women’s health, Resveratrol is not advised when a woman is pregnant and lactating. First, of all, wine-drinking is discouraged for such women because alcohol consumption at any stage of a woman’s pregnancy is unsafe. Women, who wish to take Resveratrol, for supplementary reasons, may do so using pills and must consult with their doctors first before taking a particular brand at a particular dosage.

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