The Compound Bow

the sun never rises… but we do : exploding dahlia flower series, painting, scott richard (2014)
torbakhopper’s work had an inadvertent effect on the paintings of scott richard.

living in san francisco at the epicenter of the gay community, torbakhopper was constantly confronted by the symbol of the rainbow.

but more than a symbol, the rainbow was a license for ANYONE to put out colors.

needless to say, the ancient victorian homes beg for distinction using color and details to illuminate the woodwork and intricacy of past craftsmanship. and flowers grow year round and trees blossom and bloom. the hills create a terracing effect as well, so colored homes pop out like gift-wrapped boxes lined up in ribbons.

the local hispanic, mexican and central american population also lend the influence of raw, primary colors, adding an extra layer of brightness to the rainbow that the stodginess of the cultured euro-influence tends to suppress in other cities.

flags fly year round for all kinds of events and the new buildings being built are using garish color-blocking to hide the cheap materials and lack of quality. but it looks good for a splash. and this rainbow syndrome is compounding.

eventually, the saturation of the rainbow power became something torbakhopper wanted to capture in every shot — the compression of the light spectrum without diluting the concept of all colors at once.

and this same desire spilled over into scott richard’s paintings, where the ability to choose and arrange the rainbow’s spectrum could be transformed into an intellectual motif — the rainbow of consciousness and the explosion of the individual within the whole.

all of us are born into this social contract of humanity. we don’t have any choice about this. we are raised and reared within the boundaries of these social contracts.

currently, in this part of the world, there is a loosening of the moral and religious hold on sexuality and the range of the human heart’s ability to be bigger than the limited and challenging gender roles of the past.

both sexes, men and women, are starting to understand themselves inside a much greater context and understanding than we think the past afforded.

it is just one of the outgrowths of a materialized capitalistic system of social contracting.

with moving imagery and invisible worlds now firmly entrenched across the country, the powerful syndrome of “the emperor who wore no clothes” can take full effect.

in the original tale, the narrative stops short on the exclamation of a small girl child who says, “but, mommy, he’s not wearing any clothes!”

and of course, the moral right and the rigid uptight sexual judgers all come down on the period with their verdict — which really is that the emperor has been cheated and defrauded in front of everyone.

but we already know of this lesson.

so perhaps we really should be asking where our true naked leaders are — not the one who got cheated and defrauded and paraded in front of his subjects by clever tailors. we should be asking where our naked leaders of greatness and awesomeness and full human glory might be.

we really should be considering the idea that our leaders shouldn’t need to be covered up in metaphorical or physical buffers and boundaries.

but our leaders are weapons manufacturers and drug dealers and pornographers.

our leaders spread disease and pestilence and cause wars in other countries.

our leaders are not rainbow warriors. they are gold and diamond collectors. they use time and drugs to rule and reign. they use entertainment and news to delight and bemuse.

we are the fire children.

we love our energy.
but we don’t worship the sun like we used to in the alleged past.

we worship ourselves.

and this worship of the self is the exploding dahlia.

we are these dahlias floating through space. and each of us explode one day.

— arbiters for the will of torbakhopper

By torbakhopper on 2014-12-16 09:57:42
The compound bow as of right this moment is the most well-liked sort of bow within the market. Having limbs much stiffer than the recurve or longbow, this type of modern bow stores a much higher potential vitality thus more powerful. Using a levering structure allows the bow string to be drawn comfortably although the bow limbs are too stiff. This is possible by the use of pulleys (cams). The cams are located on the end of the bow’s limbs. Cables are then hooked up from one cam towards the opposite cam at the different end of the bow. When the string is drawn back prior to capturing, the action causes the pulley to show which pulls the cables connected to them which in flip leads to the bow limbs to bend and subsequently stores energy.

After the creation of the compound bow by Holless Wilbur Allen on December 30, 1969, a 12 months later, it made its nationwide debut on the Vegas shoot and was established in competitions by the Nationwide Field Archery Affiliation (NFAA). This specific bow modernizes archery and has change into the most popular form of bow in the bow making industry. An ideal factor of this reputation is the practical advantages this bow has over traditional bows.

One such benefit is the bows skill to be held simply whereas absolutely drawn thus giving the archer extra time for a greater aim. This is possible due to the way the pulleys or cams on the end of the bows are constructed which is when the cam is turned all the way in which around, solely a minimum quantity of pressure is required to be applied to the string to maintain the limbs bended.
Compound bows are made to be flexible towards moisture and temperature modifications than bows constructed from natural supplies thus making it extraordinarily correct and giving it further edge in velocity and distance. This sort of bow comes with a wide range of pulleys or cams. Whereas a “gentle cam” speed up the arrow extra gently than a “tougher” cam, an archers experience is measured by the kind of cams used, as a sophisticated archer attempt to achieve more arrow pace whereas using the exhausting one. An added function which additional will increase precision is the rubber-lined blocks on the pulleys. These blocks could be adjusted to take care of the archer’s maximum draw-length thus rising accuracy.

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