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By KatieTT on 2012-03-04 14:27:22
tags Doctors reviews can be helpful in selecting a new physician. Whether a new doc is needed due to move, a change in health status or because the old MD isn’t a fit anymore, a new practitioner is available with a simple phone call. Just who that phone call should be made to can be decided upon after a person looks online at the options.

When moving to a new town, it’s imperative to find a local health care practitioner. Change can be difficult and for this reason some patients want to hang on to their old familiar doctor in the old locale. They plan to make an annual exam appointment that coincides with a vacation back to visit family and friends. While this may work out to a degree, it isn’t a feasible plan if the person or one of their family members gets sick. When someone becomes ill, a close-by hospital and doctor are important in order to snap the person back to health.

A change in health status can mean that a woman has become pregnant and needs to see an OBGYN or a person develops a disease that requires a specialist. A referral can be obtained from a primary care provider, friends, family and neighbors. It’s also very helpful to read some impartial reviews online.What do the former or current patients think about the place?

Sometimes an MD just isn’t a fit any longer. Perhaps the patient has become very interested in alternative treatments such as hypnosis, acupuncture or massage therapy and the old doctor thinks that’s all hogwash. Well, to each his own, but when belief systems don’t align, it’s time to get a new practitioner.

Some tips for interpreting online doctors reviews sites include:

– Pick a reputable website that has multiple posts of past patients. The more feedback available, the better pool of information it will be.

– Disregard any emotional rants, either positive or negative. The reviews should be fairly factual and journalistic in quality in order for them to be useful.

– Some websites have doctor commentary and responses as well as patients. This is another way to give a helpful and balanced slant.

– Convenience factors should be notated during screening of possibilities. Look for places that are close
to your home neighborhood and have hours of operation that align with your schedule.

– Look for insurance policy compatibility. If certain offices don’t take your type of insurance, better rule them out unless you want to pay cash. Sometimes a person’s insurance company can give them a list of providers in the area which saves a lot of screening time for a potential patient.

– Are they taking new patients? Many times the websites will state that they are or aren’t. It’s best to follow up with a phone call to the office, however, because this status could change daily.

– Bedside manner and communication style: Are the office staff members and doc friendly and professional? This is important to discover.

– Philosophical bent? Do they have a standard western medicine or alternative med philosophy? Do they combine the approaches? This information may be available for viewing, as well.

Online doctors reviews can be a helpful way to find a new physician. A bit of interpretation and thoughtfulness will make it easier to choose.

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