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Just for reference I might as well qualify just what a 10 bagger is. Essentially it’s a stock who’s share price goes up 10 fold or 1000%.

Now since the BreX scandal days most might assume that this never happens anymore. And frankly I must admit it still surprises me when I see it, but yes it still happens to this day.

Let me share two Canadian 10 bagger stories:

Back on December 11, 2008, a Canadian company called Ventana Gold (VEN.TO) was still just a teenager as I like to call it. Meaning it was trading at just .20 . Now move the clock forward to June 2009, just six months later and that .20 stock is now trading at $ 5.00 . So 50,000 shares that you bought just 6 months ago for $ 10,000.00 would today be worth $ 250,000.00

So in fact Ventana is not a 10 bagger at all, but more like a 25 bagger. 10 baggers are rare at best these days, but 25 baggers, it’s like winning the lottery! But you had to wait a full six months to collect and you would have likely sold out long ago. I mean if you’re honest here, you’ll have to admit, hanging in from .20 to past $ 2.00 would be really stretching it.

But what if I told you it could happen in just two days. Well things seem to be going that way this week for Blackwatch Energy (BWT.TO), also a Canadian company . On Wednesday June 10, 2009 it traded at just .10 and today Friday June 12, 2009 it closed at .98

In this case your 50,000 shares cost $ 5,000.00 on Wednesday and two days later are worth $ 50,000.00 Here’s a kicker, you could have actually done all that in your TFSA! Yeah I know, just imagine it .. in just two days!

There are a few Canadian junior mining companies I like so far this year that I believe have great “bagger” potential. When you do your reseach on (CMM.V) Century Mining or (OX.V) Orex Exploration or even (CEM.V) Constantine Metals you’ll see what I see. CMM & OX are both waiting on some pretty big news in June 2009! CEM, well .. just look at the properties they are working, Timmins, Ontario especially (now that’s serious bagger potential).

But only the stock Gods know for sure.

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

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