Demystifying the French Paradox Compound

The compound that has enjoyed a lot of publicity and debate, and which has been dubbed the ‘French Paradox” is none other than Resveratrol. The French Paradox in simple terms is an observation that was made that the French people suffer less from heart disease. What is more astounding is the fact that these same people eat a diet very rich in saturated fats.

In other words, the paradox entails the strange relationship that exists between the amount of wine taken in the French Culture, and the proof of a lessened heart disease risk. The truth was discovered that it is a red wine constituent, resveratrol to be precise that is responsible for the low risks of heart diseases despite the high saturated fat diets. Red wine is a common source of resveratrol because resveratrol is found on the skin of red grapes.

While this amazing compound became westernized a few years ago, Asian cultures have been using Resveratrol to cure heart diseases and liver disorders, among many other things like fighting aging, wrinkles etc. Many people are thus inclined to believe that it’s because of resveratrol that people from the Asian cultures and the French enjoy long life on average, compared to other people around the world.

This ‘French Paradox’ compound boasts of thousands of benefits including possessing the most powerful antioxidant properties. This means that they are competently capable of ridding the body off harmful and dangerous molecules, biologically known as free radicals which are a major culprit when it comes to cancer.
To some degree, resveratrol is thought to possess the ability to kill cancer cells that are already developing or fully developed. Needless to mention is the ability of resveratrol to protect the central nervous system, to act as a blood thinning agent and to regulate body hormones. This thus explains the much publicity, debate and studies behind the “French Paradox’.

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