Facebook teams up with Canadian Amber Alerts

Amber Alert program seeks to provide the missing children in the publics attention and use best efforts to find a group of children. In Canada, Ontario Amber Alert program uses the popular social network Facebook, to help spread the word.
Ontario Amber Alert program to create a Facebook page issue Amber Alerts issued in the province. As with the other parties, anyone who disagrees will receive an alert about the missing children, writes CBC News .
The goal here is to get information quickly and for many people. Facebook has more than 400 million active users worldwide and more than seven million of them are in Ontario alone.
People spend more time online than ever, where the will watch TV or listen to the radio. People also especially like to spend time on Facebook. Using social networking giant as a tool to broadcast their messages immediately and directly to their subscribers will increase the success of the Amber Alert as well as the content is accessible directly to the user.
Another advantage is the use of mobile Facebook. Most people, before hearing the Amber Alerts sitting at home watching the news, and perhaps has already requested the night. The advantage of Facebook is the angle that people will in the world and reception of these new entries, which greatly increases the chance of success.
Canada Amber Alert has three parties consisting of one to New Brunswick , and Prince Edward Island in addition to new page in the Ontario . I hope this idea catches on, success, and is carried by other countries. United States offers Amber Alert page , which operates in the same way.

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