Visit Ganjali Khan Compound In Kerman Bazaar

Ganjali Khan Compound was constructed during the rule of Ganjali Khan over Kerman province. This was during the time when the Safavids were in power under the able leadership of Shah Abbas. Among the many buildings he built in Kerman during this time, this compound is the most famous and is well known for its architectural beauty.

You can find a school (caravansary), a square, a public bath, a mint house, a water reservoir, a bazaar and a mosque in this compound. Mohammad Soltani, hailing from Yazd, was the architect of the compound. You can know the exact year in which each of these buildings was built from the inscriptions written on them.

The Public Bath

Located in Kerman bazaar, Ganjali Khan Compound has a bath which has been built to the south of it. This bath is beautifully decorated with paintings, tile works, arches and stuccoes. Paintings featuring the ornaments of the Safavid times are made at the very entrance of the bath. The unique aspect of this structure is the identical stone work on both the floor and the ceiling.

You must visit this site when you visit Iran and see the beautiful entrance which will take you to six roomy apses. You will find an octagonal vestibule if you follow the curving aisle after entering the bath. This in turn will lead you to a cloakroom. Different changing rooms for clergy, sayyeds, wealthy merchants, khans and common people are there.

Beautiful Sight

You will be greeted by life-like statues everywhere in Ganjali Khan Compound in the heart of Kerman bazaar. Each section in the changing room has two statues. The changing room leads to the bath which is roughly 46 by 30 meters. There are narrow passages from this bath which will take you to halls where you can enjoy massages and also cold and hot baths.

The water in the main bath is cool overlooked by a ceiling which looks like a tent with eight attractive pillars. It is almost 60 years when this bath was last in use. Originally, the ceiling was made up of alabaster which was later taken down and glass was used in its place. The light effects from the sunlight streaming in, is to be seen through such stones when you visit Iran.

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