Parisian Doctors Applaud the Teddy Bear Trust

Parisian Doctors applaud Mr. Bjørn Stiedl for having come up with the idea for the Teddy Bear Trust.

The idea of the Teddy Bear Trust is to give a teddy bear to every child admitted to long-term hospitalization in a Parisian hospital.

Mr. Bjorn Stiedl, the Danish repeat entrepreneur and businessman, came up with the idea for the new charitable organisation, Foundation Ours en Peluche, (“the Teddy Bear Trust”), after the son of a close friend of his had been experiencing a prolonged hospitalization. Mr. Stiedl recollects, “I saw first-hand how intimidating the entire experience was to the kid. When his mom or dad was about to leave for the night, he was terrified. The next day, I went out and bought him a teddy bear, gave it to him, and told him that “Mr. Bear” was hospitalized with the same illness that he had himself, and so he could talk with him about it. After that, he wasn’t as terrified when his parents went home for the night. Instead, he was comforting the teddy bear, and drawing comfort from it in return. It was an eye-opening experience for me.”

Psychologists laud Mr. Stiedl’s clear-sighted solution to appeasing a terrified child. Dr. Olivier Dominé states that “it has become well-known in the past decade or so that teddy bears, dolls or stuffed animals in general serve more purposes than being just comforters for small kids. Tests have been conducted where adults or elderly Alzheimer patients have been given stuffed animals, and it is clear that adults also feel something soothing and comforting from a teddy bear”. “Mr. Stiedl’s Teddy Bear Trust Fund is a very welcome aid to those, who probably have the hardest time adjusting to hospital life, the children”, Dr. Dominé concludes.

It was less than a month after the experience at the Parisian hospital that Mr. Stiedl laid down the framework for what would soon become the Teddy Bear Trust.

The idea is to have restaurant guests to pay a 1 Euro donation to the Teddy Bear Trust through their restaurant bill. With the number of daily restaurant visits in Paris, that soon adds up to quite a sum.

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