Can Chiropractic doctors help Babies with Colic

The reasons for colic is unknown, but the infant suffers from abdominal pain and as many as 20 percent of babies have the condition for the first few months of their lives. The conditions subside over time, but the fact that your child is in pain is difficult for you to deal with.

Symptoms of Colic

Symptoms for colic seem to be standard for babies that are otherwise healthy, these include:

* Crying episodes that occur normally in the afternoon and evening and the crying begins suddenly – the episodes normally last minutes or can go on for longer Clenching of the fists, arched back, and tightened abdominal muscles are typically seen as well

* Passing of wind during the episodes

– Restlessness during the colic episode

Can Chiropractors Help Colicky Babies?

Chiropractors believe that when your baby is being born the vertebras in the spine can be stretched and become misaligned. This is especially true when the mother experiences a hard labor where a vacuum or forceps have to be used in order to assist with birth. If the misalignments are severe, it can cause various aspects of the body to be affected, including digestion.

Many parents are reluctant to take their infant to a chiropractic doctors simply because of the stereotype of popping and cracking noises of the spine. However, for babies, chiropractors gently apply pressure to the neck and the back, which realigns the baby’s spine. Remember, infants bones are very soft, so there is no cracking sounds heard and it is an all-natural way in which to treat colic.

As the spine of the infant is gently positioned correctly, digestion can improve dramatically and as it does, colicky episodes lessen or become a thing of the past.

Finding a good doctor of Chiropractic that has worked with infants is important as many have extensive experience and of course, this is going to give your baby the best chance of recovering from the colic quicker. This is a natural way to help you baby and of course, most parents jump at the chance of a natural way in which to help relieve their kiddo’s pain naturally.

Final Thoughts

If you have an infant suffering from colic, realize you have options with chiropractic help. As the infant’s spine is realigned, parents begin to notice their baby sleeping more soundly through the night with fewer colicky episodes. Of course, it may take several treatments in order to bring your baby’s spine into the correct alignment, but it is a pain-free and drug-free way to find relief for your baby.

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