Horton Bows to Make Compound Bows

For years Horton has made quality crossbows but it wasn’t until 2008 that the company decided to make a major change and begin to offer compound bows. With the help of Chuck Nease, one of the most successful competition shooters out there, Horton will offer a number of different compound bows. It was only after the company purchased Outdoor Products Group that they felt that they had the right mix of technology and equipment to make this happen.

Chuck Nease has been successful in the past few years with many of his design innovations which have been received well so the fact that Horton and Nease are working together on this product can give us some assurance that these Horton bows will be awesome. The company has been clear to point out that this isn’t a change in their business model, but rather they’re just expanding to offer traditional bow hunters a product that they will enjoy, even if they don’t want a crossbow.

Horton compound bows are designed for both competition shooters and hunters alike and are both durable and easy to shoot, even for a novice. What you may not know about Horton is that for many years they have manufactured components for other bow manufactures to be used in some of the best vertical bows on the market, so creating their own compound bow was a logical step in their evolution.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that their first crack at building compound bows will produce some poor results as the company is committed to putting as much time, technology and quality into their compound bows as they do with the other Horton bows that they make. Isn’t it time you try out a new Horton compound bow and see for yourself if they can stand up to the other big names in the industry?

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

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