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The lure of easy dishonest money is temptation for many a criminal. Illicit gain has attracted thieves into the financial arena. Dishonest fraudsters are easily prevented by employing ordinary security measures.

Dishonest weights and measures, where the trademark of con artists when silver, gold or purchasing products from merchant’s way before paper money made its appearance. With the advent of paper money and financial institutions, bank check fraud became the number one money transaction crime.

The process by which a check transaction takes place is when a bank check is written to someone, they deposit it in their account. The bank proceeds to send the check to a clearinghouse whose main purpose is to verify that there are funds sufficient for the transaction. Armed with this information, the bank can then deposit the funds into the person’s account knowing they are covered.

For instance, consider home thefts and in store thefts. Studies support that most thefts are done by individuals working for and friends of the company. 80% of thefts are in house and equally divided between employees and delivery persons, so-called friends of the company. All research studies support these general conclusions.

You can’t control another’s perceived need or their rationalizations but can control their perception of going undetected. The reality check is that you can only affect the feeling that they are being watched, the cookies are being counted and that they cannot go undetected. They need mechanisms in place that makes them think that the cookies are counted before and after they leave.

Criteria for bank check security is the hallmark of the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI). It is accepted and adhered to by all financial institutions. One security feature is that small micro-print is employed that makes photocopying unfeasible. The print breaks up and is easily spotted.

Studies show that 90% of people will steal from you if they feel they can go undetected and if they have a perceived need and can rationalize their behavior.

Another ploy is to alter bank checks by changing the details. The criminal takes a good check and uses chemicals such as acetone or brake fluid or other means to erase the payee information and/or the amount.

Check to see if you have a healthy paranoia concerning your security. Healthy paranoia can be described as accurate thinking. Dealing with reality in a positive way without ignoring reality as others may do by focusing solely on positive thinking is essential for your balanced footing. Routinely check over your financial statements as a preventative.

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