Methotrexate Shortage: Crisis Averted?

There has been a lot of press recently regarding the methotrexate shortage and there is talk that the crisis might be short lived.  There are five manufacturers of methotrexate injection and they are apparently stepping up production in response to requests by the FDA and other health care officials.  As a former pediatric oncology pharmacist, I can only hope this is the case.  I am concerned that the time line to get enough product into physicians’ hands to treat patients could result in spot shortages. 

There have been reports in the press that one company, that has shut down all production, is releasing product that was manufactured before its facility halted production.  Additionally, the product being released has a very short shelf life and may only help patients for a few weeks.  If the shortage does become a crisis, companies like JCB Laboratories, that specialize in compounding injectable drugs and chemotherapeutic agents, can help supply much-needed doses of these shortage drugs.  For the last 12 months, JCB has been actively working to act as a stopgap when critical injectable drugs are unavailable.  With a new state-of-the-art facility and a clean room dedicated solely to making dangerous chemotherapeutic agents, JCB really is a valuable resource in today’s environment of critical drug shortages. 

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Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

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