Drug Shortages Threaten to Delay the Opening of a New Surgery Center

Opening a new surgery facility can be a trying experience.  Construction delays, permit filings and the myriad of details that must be addressed to get the facility built are headaches.  During all this, you spend your time making design decisions, equipment decisions and writing Standard Operating Procedures for your beautiful new building.  When you finally  received your certificate of occupancy, move in, and have your staff hired and trained, the hard part is over, right?

Not when drug shortages threaten to derail your opening.   I received a call last week from a distraught purchasing manager for a new surgery center.  His facility was due to open in less than a week and there was a chance the opening would be delayed because of drug shortages.  He could not get medications he needed for the crash cart and the initial CMS survey cases.  Drugs that are an integral part of surgeries and a crash cart, such as atropine, epinephrine, propranolol and flumazenil were not available.  I spoke to this manager no less than 4 times in 3 days as he frantically tried to obtain the drugs needed to open his facility on time.  He did not relish reporting to administration and his physicians that there would be a delay. 

In the end, JCB was able to help this facility with most of their drug shortage issues.  Your sterile compounding pharmacy can be a great resource for your drug shortage problems.  A sterile compounding pharmacy can often be a one-stop shop for drug shortages for a couple of reasons: if the drug is unavailable, they  can often compound it, and if the product happens to be available from the manufacturer but difficult to get, your compounding pharmacy may be able to get the medication from their wholesaler or a specialty wholesaler.

I’m happy to report the surgery center was able to open on time and with the needed medications.  As always, let us know how JCB Laboratories can help you!

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

As one of the most experienced compounding pharmacies in Newport Beach, We provide a valuable service working together with physicians and patients to create medications tailored to specific requirements. We are specialists in the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Our Team of experts can meet all of your unique pharmaceutical needs.

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