Drug Shortages…Who’s to Blame?

Are politics to blame for the current drug shortage crisis?  Or, is the reason health care providers have to scramble to find drugs for their patients more fundamental than that?  It’s inevitable that when a problem exists and persists that someone or something is blamed.  There has been plenty of finger pointing going on lately as various experts, politicians and government officials try to explain why the United States is in such a dire situation with our drug supply.  Some blame the current administration for the shortage and others blame the manufacturers for lack of quality control.  Two recent reports are linked here. 




One blames the FDA for creating the drug shortages due to increased inspections of manufacturing facilities, while the other blames the manufacturers for not creating safe products.  The causes of the drug shortages are complicated and hard to comprehend in some cases but, at the end of the day, the question remains…When will this end?

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

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