Appreciate that grain of salt

We live in a world where it seems things happen for a reason. If THIS, then THAT. Certain things probably CAUSE other things to happen.
It would be great if this were true. The fact is we don’t know what causes anything. We perceive that two things are associated and sometimes the association is so strong that we connect the things in a cause-effect relationship.

For every such relationship there is always an exception;

pull the trigger and the gun doesn’t fire,
the match doesn’t light the first time it’s struck,
the plastic baby bottle shatters when it falls three feet,
people with a…

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

As one of the most experienced compounding pharmacies in Newport Beach, We provide a valuable service working together with physicians and patients to create medications tailored to specific requirements. We are specialists in the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Our Team of experts can meet all of your unique pharmaceutical needs.

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