Dermatology Compounding


Treating skin ailments can be difficult. Warts can return multiple times, psoriasis can take a lifetime to control, and rosaceae often flares with no rhyme or reason. Often the key to effective treatment is formulating the proper application and delivery for the medicine. Indeed, many dermatological prescriptions are most effective when formulated by a compound pharmacy. This could be as simple as adding the active drug to a topical cream or lotion, or involve a complex formulation to meet a patient’s specific needs.
The proper selection of the best suited base is important to the success of dermatological treatment. Newport Beach compounding Center creates customized ointments for dermatology in Newport Beach using a variety of penetrating bases that influence the depth of drug penetration. These individualized therapies and dermatology compounding treat a wide variety of dermatologic problems. Commonly compounded prescriptions include medications for acne, psoriasis, warts, fungal infections, rosaceae, hyperpigmentation, skin infections, and hyperkeratoses, among others.
Prescription drugs can be combined into a single dosage form to simplify a medication administration schedule and improve compliance. USP approved chemicals can be utilized to enhance the absorption of topically applied medications in the form of appealing creams, topical sprays and powders. Our Newport Beach compounding pharmacists continue to improve both the aesthetic and therapeutic aspects of customized medications, offering patients and doctors i Newport Beach and beyond many alternatives and advantages for dermatology treatment.

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

As one of the most experienced compounding pharmacies in Newport Beach, We provide a valuable service working together with physicians and patients to create medications tailored to specific requirements. We are specialists in the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Our Team of experts can meet all of your unique pharmaceutical needs.

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