Autism Therapy

The nutritional and pharmaceutical concerns associated with children and adults suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders are often complex and specialized. Severe aggression, self-injurious behavior, agitation, and insomnia are just some of the conditions that doctors and clinicians take aim to alleviate. Autistic people also suffer from secondary problems such as depression or seizures, and the drug treatment can help with those concerns as well.

At the Newport Center pharmacy works closely with practitioners and patients’ families throughout the area to provide autism therapy and to formulate gluten-free and casein-free medications for autistic patients. All of our compound medications and supplements are free of dye, artificial flavoring and preservatives; an important factor in the effective treatment of patients with Autism.

As most care givers and loved ones will testify, administering the right mix medication to autistic patients can be a challenge. We can compound medications into capsules, injections, creams, suppositories, and suspensions that deliver medication in the right form and right dosage for each individual. Our pharmacy in Las Vegas also makes transdermal medications that make it easier for autistic patients to receive their medications and nutritional supplements and we can combine compatible drugs into a single dose to ease administration. We begin with pure bulk drug whenever possible and always use inactive hypoallergenic carriers and fillers to minimize the risk of any adverse reactions.

Written by Newport Beach Compounding Center Staff

As one of the most experienced compounding pharmacies in Newport Beach, We provide a valuable service working together with physicians and patients to create medications tailored to specific requirements. We are specialists in the art and science of pharmacy compounding. Our Team of experts can meet all of your unique pharmaceutical needs.

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