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Bio-Identical Hormones Therapy

Please visit us for free consultation today 949- 640-1320.A formulary pharmacy means a compounding pharmacy, which means they make special drugs on sight. there are drugs made by drug companies, like paxil, vicodin, diovan, that are already in pill or capsule form and ready to take.

Sometimes a doctor will want to prescribe a mixture med that isn’t readily made by a company or a drug that doesn’t come in a form that he wants to prescribe.

An example would be “magic mouthwash” which is a combination of many different liquids (benadryl, mylanta, nystatin, lidocaine) usually for sore mouths or throats. those kind of prescriptions are more difficult to make and usually call for the pharmacist to do some calculating.

Not to say that they can’t do it, but most main stream pharmacies, like cvs, Walmart, or walgreens, are all about getting customers in and out quickly, and compounding isn’t quick.

You could mess up easily and you sometimes need special equipment to do it. most pharmacies have mortars, pestles, graduated cylinders, and such but a compounding pharmacy is more likely to have BETTER equipment and more experienced. as for the unevenness of the clonidine syrup.