The management of chronic pain often presents a significant challenge to patients, physicians and pharmacists. Pain management through compound medication is essential because even when the underlying disease process is stable, uncontrolled pain prevents patients from recovering productively and returning to their usual roles in the family and society. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are the most commonly prescribed medications for pain but the side effects associated with oral administration can be significant. Stomach upset, gastritis, and even ulcers are possible with long term oral use.

Our pharmacy in Newport Beach prepares a variety of prescription analgesic drugs and compound anesthetics in a wide array of user-friendly forms. Prescription medications controlling pain that include narcotics and drug combinations can be combined into a single format, thus eliminating a potential over-dose situation. Pain medication can be incorporated into a variety of transdermal gels that allow for the absorption of the drug through the skin. Prescription analgesic nasal sprays, chewable gummy bears, suppositories, lollipops, and lozenges all can be individually prepared for each patient in our Newport Beach pharmacy.

Our pharmacists in Newport Beach have developed a variety of NSAID creams and we have the technology to make transdermal pain medications that decrease stomach upset, bypass the stomach and liver, and place the medication at the origin of the pain. We work closely with patients and practitioners in the Newport Beach area to create the right compound prescription medications for optimal pain control.