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Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy is the one-of-its-kind pharmacy in Newport Beach, CA. We are a group of experts working hard to make healthcare accessible to everyone.

Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy, being one of Newport beach most experienced compounding pharmacies, provides a useful service by collaborating with physicians and patients to manufacture drugs that are suited to specific needs. We are experts in the science and practice of pharmacy compounding.

We provide a valuable service by cooperating with physicians and patients to create pharmaceuticals that are tailored to specific needs. We are professionals in pharmaceutical compounding science and practice. Our team of experts can take care of all of your pharmaceutical needs, including the following.

Our Services

Their team of professionals can handle all of your specific pharmaceutical requirements, including the following.

Pharmacy Drug Store

The medicinal items available commercially are not repeated by Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy. They are known as Pharmacy Drug Store Newport Beach, and they serve a large number of patients and help them avoid ailments. Pharmacy Drug Store Newport Beach also has the patience to deal with irritated customers. They provide excellent service and pay attention to the moods and wants of their customers. Their pharmacists treat their patients with respect, which makes their service exceptional.

Wound Care 

The Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy has a lot of experience treating doctors and patients with challenging wound healing. To best suit the patient’s condition, they can manufacture a number of drugs in various combinations and dosage formats. Prescription antiseptic medicines are also available for use in the treatment of septic wounds. Compounded drugs come in a variety of forms that can be used to treat a wide range of wounds.

Sports Medicine Center 

Athletes, trainers, coaches, team physicians, and physical therapists all suffer injuries that, if left untreated, can impede their performance or, in the worst-case scenario, their careers. Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy collaborates directly with the athlete’s trainer or physician to create specific dosage strengths, potencies, and delivery systems that maximize the therapeutic effect.

Muscle spasms, acute pain inflammation, fungal infections (jock itch, athlete’s foot, and onychomycosis), and other sports injuries and disorders are treated with personalized drugs to most efficiently give the required medication to the affected parts.

Pain Management

Compounding pharmacy Newport Center specializes in creating customized/specialized pain management solutions to fit the demands of patients. Whether you have arthritis, neuropathic pain, or cancer pain, Newport Compounding Pharmacy will help you and your doctor build a pain management plan that is personalized to your unique needs and has the fewest side effects possible.


When dealing only with commercially accessible pharmaceuticals, every child is different in terms of size, weight, drug tolerance, and allergies. So, when it comes to medicating your child, there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution, dose type, or flavor.

The pharmacists at Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy can assist you in formulating a drug that will fit your child’s needs, and they can work with you to identify different dosage forms. We can make just about any drug taste better with their syrups, lollipops, freezer pops, candies, and lozenges. With nearly 50 FLAVORS to choose from, we can make just about any medication taste better!

Reproductive Medicine

Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy is gradually establishing itself as a prominent independent Reproductive Medicine pharmacy. Women’s health, hormone replacement, and fertility therapies are all covered by their team of infertility pharmacists, licensed technicians, pharmacy coordinators, insurance specialists, and customer service representatives. They’re ready to answer any questions, train you, and give exceptional service to our patients and doctors.

To provide you with the greatest quality medication at no additional expense, they employ the highest quality ingredients available for compounding. The compounds (Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone, and others) are available in different forms such as injectables, capsules, lozenges, and suppositories.

Veterinary Medicine 

We can tailor your pet’s medication to his or her size and discriminating taste at Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy. They can even turn traditional dosage forms like transdermal creams or delectable chews into more readily administered ones. Take your pets to them for whatever your pet’s and veterinarian prescription needs are.


  • Medications for diabetic pets that are sugar-free
  • Anti-motion sickness drug that can be given to the ear transdermally Urinary incontinence medications that are difficult to get by
  • Wound or stitch protection with medicated coatings (coatings which are difficult to lick off).
  • Birds and reptiles need concentrated remedies. Horses and larger animals require special dose formulations.
  • Tuna, liver, marshmallow, and a variety of other flavored suspensions
  • Seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasite infections, hunger stimulation, and other conditions may require custom strength drugs.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy 

Hormone Therapy Newport Beach reduces the likelihood of developing depression as a result of natural aging. The production of hormones in our bodies naturally declines as we age. As a result, everything of our previously assumed general health begins to deteriorate. Hot flashes, forgetfulness, anxiety, sleep disturbances, reduced libido, and so on are all signs of menopause. This is where the demand for “replacement” hormones arises.

Natural Hormone Therapy Orange County is only available from a compounding pharmacy with a valid doctor’s prescription. The art and science of producing personalized pharmaceuticals for patients is known as pharmacy compounding. Its practice dates back to the origins of pharmacy. 

Dental Compounding Pharmacy 

Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy collaborates with dentists and dental patients to create customized dental medications.


  • Mouth rinse that comprises antibiotics, antihistamines, anesthetics, antivirals, antifungals, corticosteroids, phenytoin, misoprostol, and other drugs for oral ulcers (canker sores).
  • Pain syndromes such as temporomandibular joint abnormalities and neuralgias can be treated using transdermal formulations.
  • Medication and dosage formulations that are not accessible on the market.
  • Medications for intraoral infections such as periodontal disease and candidiasis are prepared.
  • Troches of electrolytes for the dry mouth.
  • Combinations of drugs (topical, oral, injectable) Sugar-free, dye-free, preservative-free medicines

No Hassle in getting your medication needs

Take advantage of our safe and straightforward Newport center pharmacy and compounding to get your medication needs.

No more waiting in line to get your medication. Whether you have paper, electronic, or private prescriptions our expert pharmacists will provide to your needs.

If without a prescription, you need to complete a short medical questionnaire. Then our expert medical team will check your order and make sure that it is completely safe and effective.

The answer to your medication needs

If you are experiencing health issues and can’t see your doctor, we recommend that you come to Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy at Newport Beach. The experts in the pharmacy will quickly help you get your medication needs


Unlike retail pharmacies, Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy provides a wide range of services to support customers with their unique medical needs in Newport Beach and surrounding areas. In addition to providing a wide range of medicine even those that are hard to find, we provide counseling and medical information. We also work with doctors and medical insurance companies to ensure that you get the right drug that helps you recover your health.

Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy is dedicated to making quality healthcare available to all. We have highly-trained staff members who have the knowledge and expertise to understand the unique needs of patients with complex medical conditions. We are dedicated to providing different medicine that can help address different health issues. We ensure to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer safety so that you can feel confident about taking any medicine from our pharmacy.

Yes, we also provide pet medicines at our Newport Beach pharmacy. At Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy you can find a wide range of medicines that are specifically made for pets only. From pain medications, diabetes care, fleas control, vitamins, supplements, and more. We can also customize your pet’s medication to make it more pleasant for them by taking traditional dosage forms and making to a more easily administrable form.

If you are looking for an Anti-aging pharmacy in Newport Beach, Newport Center Compounding Pharmacy is the perfect stop. We provide various anti-aging medicines that can help in the prevention and treatment of age-related decline. We also attempt to ensure the anti-aging medicines are both beneficial in prolonging healthspan and improving the overall quality of life.



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