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Whether you are a professional athlete getting injured on the field or an amateur sports enthusiast attempting to ease muscle aches, compounding can provide enormous benefits for every type of athlete. When an athlete is hurt, the secret the pros use to achieve a speedy recovery is utilizing pharmaceutical compounding, and the best news is that it’s available for everyone, pros and amateurs alike. Athletes recover from muscle inflammations more rapidly by using topical agents prepared by compounding pharmacists; working conjunction with their trainers.

Compounding medications can provide huge benefits for every type of athlete. Compounding enables pharmacists to work closely with both the athlete and their physician or trainer to prepare customized dosage strengths, potency and delivery systems to provide the maximum effect in therapy.

Athletes, coaches, trainers, team physicians, physical therapists, and sports enthusiasts are faced with problems such as:

  1. Acute pain 
  2. Inflammation 
  3. Muscle spasms 
  4. Fungal infections of the skin and nails (athlete’s foot, jock itch, and onychomycosis) 
  5. Hemorrhoids 
  6. Excessive perspiration

We can help with these problems and more, with customized medications that contain the correct ingredients in the best form to most effectively supply the required medication to the affected area.

Transdermal vs. Topical Drug Delivery in Sports Medicine

Many medications used to manage pain, decrease inflammation, and ease muscles also carry the risk of adverse side effects. If these medications are applied topically, however, therapy can be achieved and side effects can be reduced significantly.

Topical Delivery

  1. Peripheral tissue activity 
  2. Systematic side effects are less likely
  3. If analgesic, applied directly over painful site 
  4. Insignificant serum levels

Transdermal Delivery

  1. Systemic activity 
  2. Potential for adverse side effects
  3. If analgesic, may be applied away from painful site
  4. Serum levels necessary for effect

Precision Compounding Pharmacy can compound just the right medication for all of your sports medicine needs.

Some commonly compounded Sports Medicine medications include:

  1. Clotrimazole in DMSO solution
  2. Cyclobenzaprine/Ketoprofen transdermal gel
  3. Dexamethasone iontophoresis solution
  4. Fluconazole/Ibuprofen topical gel
  5. Ketamine/Gabapentin transdermal gel
  6. Ketoprofen 10%/20% transdermal gel
  7. LAT topical gel
  8. NSAIDs
  9. Nutritional Supplements
  10. Pregame Rubs with emu oil and anti-spasmodic drugs
  11. Topical therapies for Hyperhidrosis